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bio Raffaele solinas,

director aicny

Raffaele Solinas AICNY

Vice President

corporate executive chef & Partner
Maiella LIC & American Brass LIC

“Arrived in New York City carrying a suitcase packed with 45 knives, in love with the city skyline and the promise the Big Apple held, he came ready tocook.

Raffaele’s culinary journey to America began in the rustic town of Alghero, Sardinia. He studied at the Culinary Professional Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management and spent his summers working at 5 stars Restaurants
Hotel Corte Rosada and Baia di Conte. After his graduation, he joined Princess Cruises Lines, sailing to Alaska, Australia, Europe, India and the Caribbean.
One fateful morning approaching port on the Hudson River, Raffaele knew he found his home. He returned to Sardinia and told everyone of his decision to move to Manhattan.

Once in New York, he started working at Giovanni 25, a cozy uptown restaurant. He honed his skills as chef de cuisine
and learned the inner working of the New York restaurant scene. He later joined the staff of Baraonda restaurant as Executive Chef. Four years later, he opened his own restaurant, Osteria del Sole, in a quiet section of Greenwich Village as a tribute to his homeland island of Sardinia. Raffaele treats food as a Celebration, he sings the praises of fresh ingredients, simply prepared, blending only the best Italian ingredients with his favorite cooking style, “A
la Minute” Raffaele attributes the intensely flavored , enchanting, succulent dishes he prepares to the rich culinary  radition of his ancestors.  A results-oriented professionally trained Chef who sets high standards in all aspects of work with extensive experience in the hotel and restaurant industries. A successful track record of developing and managing culinary operations to include purchasing, process improvement and profit maximization budget creation, recipe & food costing, theoretical food costing and menu design and layout. Possess significant experience in the creation of recipe manuals and operational grids to improve efficiency of staff and payroll. Utilizes hands on management of the culinary team to achieve a positive culture of accountability through focused training and development.

I possess an extensive knowledge of Italian food, culture and classic and contemporary trends. I am keenly aware of the New York market with respect to current and emerging trends in food and beverage. I am ServSafe certified and
the restaurants under my supervision have all received an ‘A’ rating from the New York City Health Department.

Vice President of AICNY
Associazione Italiana Chef NY
An organization made up of Italian culinary chefs.
Guest Executive Chef for Barilla Italian Luncheon March 2005
Eric Asimov food critic from New York Times Comment,
.” That was only the beginning of Asimov’s adoration. “Even better is soft,
cheesy polenta, with a superb corn flavor,” he continued. That got our mouths
watering. As yours will be at this Barilla Italian Luncheon.
Guest Executive Chef ,Italian Culinary Institute, NY
Launched OSTERIA DEL SOLE in March 2003 to Rave reviews in March 2003
editor Paolo Villoresi

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